Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A New Life

     Life begins and we learn and grow.  We develop into young children, teenagers, then adults.  Then there are three stages of adulthood.  Young adults:  You start out maybe going to college or working, maybe for the first time.  You either marry your high school sweetheart or meet someone outside of school and marry them.  You have children, a career and become very busy.

     Then there is Middle-aged adults:  Your children grow and your house becomes empty for the first time in a couple of decades.  Your children give you grandchildren and your house is filled with little ones again.  Life is good.  You still work hard, but when you take care of those little ones, they get to go home at the end of the day.  No worries in raising little ones anymore.  You start to get wrinkles and gray hairs and maybe a little wider around your mid-section.  Things change.  You get to enjoy your spouse with the quietness in the house.

     After the mid-adulthood you have the Golden years:  You finally get to retire from hard work you did for several decades, and maybe feel like you don't have enough to do.  Your spouse gets sick and later dies.  "Is that it?" you think.  "What's next?"  Your children and their children are busy with what you were busy with forty years ago and you get lonely and you wonder what this life was all for.

     A New Life comes after you pass on.  You stand before Jesus waiting for good news or bad news.  Where will you go?  You did a good job with your kids, you loved your spouse until he or she died, you worked in the church and helped in every area that was possible.  But what condition was your heart in when you were living on earth?  Did you invite Jesus to come into your life and give you eternal life or did you just live to die?  The choice is yours.  How will your life measure up in eternity?  Will you stand before Jesus and He say to you, "Welcome my child."  or will He say "I never knew you."?  We think we have plenty of time, but we only have a little while to decide our fate.  Will you choose a New Life?  Think about it.

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