Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Words

     What if you were to die today?  What if a loved one was to die today?  Would you say the right things towards others?  What would your last words be?  We need to live our lives like it were the last day we had on earth and tell those around us that we love them, like we would never see them again. Life is that short.  What would you say to your children?  Your parents?  Your friends?  God gives us time to make things right with Him and with others, whether we go at a moment's notice or we linger in suffering to death.  Everyone has a chance to make amends and love each other how He loves us.  Don't let time slip by without a kind word to your mother, brother or friend.  Be encouraging to one another always in every way.  Go out of your way to show Jesus to others, before it's too late.

     Back when I was a teenager, one of my fiends had passed away, and I happened to get mad at her the week before.  I lived with that for several years.  She didn't even know I was upset with her when she died.  I held a grudge and the next moment I couldn't make up for it.  All for what?  Something petty actually that I had heard.  It may or may have not even been true.  Living with words and attitudes or anger that you have against someone can be devastating later, when your last breath or theirs comes to be.  Always have a kind word to your loved one, no matter what they have done, because to be quite honest, Jesus forgave us when we didn't deserve to be forgiven.  I read on a church sign that said something like this:  Do not judge others for not sinning the same way you have.  That may not be the exact words, but you get the meaning.  Life is too short for complaints against one another.  It is never too late to tell someone you love them, if you tell them everyday.

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