Wednesday, July 11, 2012


     I was hit in the face with reality today that I am very selfish.  No, it wasn't satan telling me, it was God convicting me.  I realized that I yearn to be selfless but my sinful nature sometimes causes roadblocks to come in the way.  I am to be a servant of Christ.  I was made in His image, but sometimes I just want MY time, MY way and MY desires, not GOD'S time, GOD'S way and GOD'S desires.  I need to be selfless rather than selfish.  If someone does something against you, treat them like you would want to be treated, not how they treat you.  If you want something for yourself but others need something else, give them what they need.  Put others first before giving to your selfish desires.

     Jesus came to this earth as a Man as well as being God Himself.  He gave up the rich gold roads for a peasant's life only to end up dying on the cruel cross after being beaten half dead.  He literally gave up everything for those of us who cruelly treated Him badly.  Not only did the Roman soldiers and Pharisees treat Him badly, but we do also, whether we curse His name or commit murder.  It doesn't matter what bad things we do.  Sin is sin in God's eyes.  Me being selfish is no less sinful than killing someone.  It's still a slap in the face to God.

     The next time we think of ourselves first when others need us, remember what Jesus did 2000 years ago.  He did not have to, in fact, we didn't even deserve it, He did it because He loved us so much that He was willing to become a human and be treated with contempt, to His death.  Selflessness is the ultimate sacrifice of a me-me world.  Are you willing to give up anything for your kids or parents or friends?  Are you willing to give it all up for a stranger or even an enemy?  I hope I can someday do the latter.  I want to live as Jesus lived--a selfless life. 

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