Monday, July 23, 2012

What Do You Do?

What Do You Do?

What do you do when life seems hopeless and nothing seems right?  When purpose seems distant and sorrows seem bright?  What do you do when friends forsake you?  When family betray and berate you?  Jesus will be there when the hope runs out.  Jesus will be there when everyone turns about.  Jesus is always someone Who will always stick around.  Just give Him a chance, He'll never back down.

What do you do when life is at the end?  When all hope is lost for a cure to begin?  What do you do when a son turns his head, from the godly life God has for him instead?  Jesus will be there through thick and through thin.  When life isn't easy to the very end.  Jesus will comfort in time of distress.  He will always give you what is the best.

What do you do when money is tight?  When you may have to live in your car for a night?  What do you do with all the troubles of the world?  When nights are long and answers aren't told?  Give it to Jesus, whenever you can.  He is awake day and night for us when we need a hand.  He'll give you all that you need, and more.  He'll restore you to what He wants for you, because you He adores.

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