Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A New Life

     Life begins and we learn and grow.  We develop into young children, teenagers, then adults.  Then there are three stages of adulthood.  Young adults:  You start out maybe going to college or working, maybe for the first time.  You either marry your high school sweetheart or meet someone outside of school and marry them.  You have children, a career and become very busy.

     Then there is Middle-aged adults:  Your children grow and your house becomes empty for the first time in a couple of decades.  Your children give you grandchildren and your house is filled with little ones again.  Life is good.  You still work hard, but when you take care of those little ones, they get to go home at the end of the day.  No worries in raising little ones anymore.  You start to get wrinkles and gray hairs and maybe a little wider around your mid-section.  Things change.  You get to enjoy your spouse with the quietness in the house.

     After the mid-adulthood you have the Golden years:  You finally get to retire from hard work you did for several decades, and maybe feel like you don't have enough to do.  Your spouse gets sick and later dies.  "Is that it?" you think.  "What's next?"  Your children and their children are busy with what you were busy with forty years ago and you get lonely and you wonder what this life was all for.

     A New Life comes after you pass on.  You stand before Jesus waiting for good news or bad news.  Where will you go?  You did a good job with your kids, you loved your spouse until he or she died, you worked in the church and helped in every area that was possible.  But what condition was your heart in when you were living on earth?  Did you invite Jesus to come into your life and give you eternal life or did you just live to die?  The choice is yours.  How will your life measure up in eternity?  Will you stand before Jesus and He say to you, "Welcome my child."  or will He say "I never knew you."?  We think we have plenty of time, but we only have a little while to decide our fate.  Will you choose a New Life?  Think about it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Was A Stranger and You Took Me In

Matthew 25:35-36

"For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me"...
Matthew 25:40

"And the King will answer and say to them, assuredly I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me."

     I see a filthy man in dreadlocks walking around town begging for money and I walk the other way for fear he may hurt me.  I see a man walking in the heat that lives on the street, while I'm riding in the air conditioned car and just pass by.  I listen to a friend who has just lost her father, because she is my best friend.  I accept neighbors into my home because they have no air conditioning at the time.  I accept them because I know them.  What is wrong with this picture?  Do I only help those who I care for or do I reach out to the unloved and give them what they need?  Makes you think, doesn't it?  Jesus wants us to give to those in need whether they are not bathed and needy, or whether they are respectable people in our eyes.  Everyone needs Jesus, and those who are troubled need us to help them in times of trouble.

     Will I ever reach out to the man in dreadlocks and buy him a hamburger at Burger King?  Will I give the man walking around in the heat a ride to the store?  That's what Jesus asks us to do.  I know, it's not safe to give strangers a ride.  Use your judgment when helping strangers.  If God prompts you, do it.  If you feel threatened, be careful.  Don't be stupid.  Helping loved ones is easy.  Helping those on the street is another story at times.  Are we sheep or goats?  Do we feed them? Do we buy them a coke or give them a glass of water?  Do we clothe strangers by giving to The Salvation Army?   Do we visit hospitals or nursing homes, or do we visit prisons?  If we do, we do it to Jesus.  If we don't, we are not doing it to Jesus and lacking in faith and obedience.  

     Hebrews 13:2 says "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so, some have unwittingly entertained angels."

      Don't miss out on ministering to angels.  Help those who need it and do it with caution, but also with love.  Before meeting someone and getting to know them, we are all strangers.  Get to know the ones who have nowhere to go or have no one to turn to and be a friend that Jesus wants you to be.  There were times in my life when I didn't have a bed to sleep on and I felt down and humiliated and someone helped me.  So I know how those who have nowhere to go feel, and yet sometimes I forget and just turn away.  My prayer is that I will give to those who have nothing in spite of how they look or where they come from, and ask Jesus for forgiveness for turning away from the unfortunate.  Hopefully someday I will never turn away a stranger.  Will you? 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's In a Word?

Yesterday I didn't have a blog post because of different appointments we had to take care of.  I was hardly online at all.  Hopefully I can finish out this week.  I have been really busy these last two weeks.  Take care and God bless.


     Words have a way of making or breaking people.  Friendships and other relationships either thrive or fail because of words.  You can either encourage or discourage someone with your words.  Psalm 19:14 says, "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer."  Share words with others that will glorify the Lord and please Him.  Berating others and cursing others are not godly ways to speak to one another.  Be gracious and kind.  If you're angry with someone, stay silent until things calm down, then talk it out graciously with one another.  "Don't let the sun go down on your anger."  Words destroy and uplift.  How will you speak to others?  What words will you choose the next time someone riles you?  Is there anyone that needs comfort when they are down?  Give them an encouraging word.

     God gave us the word when He gave us The Word.  He spoke and all was created with just one word.  His Word.  What we say and how we say it are very important when dealing with one another.  The saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is nowhere near the truth.  Words we say and hear stick like super glue, never to let go.  We will always remember what someone says to us, especially when it hurts us.  The next time we speak to another, we must remember that we get hurt with the words that people say critically to us, so let's remember to edify instead of bringing people down.

     Proverbs 6:2 says, "You are snared by the words of your mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth.  What we say matters to your relationships and especially to God.  Make every word count in your life for the better and lift each other up in all you say.  Let God do His work in you and others around you.  Never leave a person without showing them in actions or words that you love them very much, no matter how mad you are at the time.  It may be the last words you get to hear from them or anyone you love. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

What Do You Do?

What Do You Do?

What do you do when life seems hopeless and nothing seems right?  When purpose seems distant and sorrows seem bright?  What do you do when friends forsake you?  When family betray and berate you?  Jesus will be there when the hope runs out.  Jesus will be there when everyone turns about.  Jesus is always someone Who will always stick around.  Just give Him a chance, He'll never back down.

What do you do when life is at the end?  When all hope is lost for a cure to begin?  What do you do when a son turns his head, from the godly life God has for him instead?  Jesus will be there through thick and through thin.  When life isn't easy to the very end.  Jesus will comfort in time of distress.  He will always give you what is the best.

What do you do when money is tight?  When you may have to live in your car for a night?  What do you do with all the troubles of the world?  When nights are long and answers aren't told?  Give it to Jesus, whenever you can.  He is awake day and night for us when we need a hand.  He'll give you all that you need, and more.  He'll restore you to what He wants for you, because you He adores.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Friday Blog

     I will be out of town again Friday, so I won't be blogging.  Have a great weekend and be blessed!


Is It Cool To Be Honest?

     The 2012 Presidential elections are coming up for the U.S. in November and we hear all the mumbo-jumbo how the "other guy" is a loser.  How he or she is not fit to be president.  But what do they say about themselves?  It's the same old thing every four years.  Republican or Democrat bashing, instead of each candidate telling others what they will do for the country.  They can lie about each other but don't have the guts to lie about themselves.  They can't come up with the truth for fear that they will look bad, so they bash the "other guy".  

     How about in a regular "Joe's" life?  Is it cool to be honest or do we have the right to talk about others only by listening to here say or to make ourselves look better than we actually are?  What's the truth about ourselves?  And, is it cool to tell the truth?  Cool or not, by the world's terms, doesn't count with God.  The world's standards are not God's standards.  God says, "Do not lie."  There are also other kinds of "lies" in life, like in advertising, or in the courtroom or just being in a family.  I heard the other day on TV that everybody lies, and I'm sure they do, but that does not make it right.  It's cool with God to be honest in all our ways.  It's cool to tell the truth.  The truth may hurt, but the truth will set you free, ultimately.

     What happens when you might offend someone if they ask you how they look in a certain outfit?  Do you lie and say, "You look fabulous!" or do you say, "That dress makes you look fat"?  It's hard to say.  In any case, tell the truth in love.  Don't insult or belittle.  Always be gentle with people.  If someone asks you, "Do these shoes look good?", just reply, "If you think they do, then buy them".  Don't make judgments of any kind.  Let the other think about it for awhile.  Besides, if you say the red dress looks better than the black dress, the woman will always pick the one you said doesn't look as good, so you can't win anyways.  Be honest and upright, but be kind to one another.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

     Forgiveness is something that is not earned but given even if not earned.  Everyone sins so we should forgive others when they sin against us.  Matthew 6:15 says that if you do not forgive, your Father will not forgive you.  Families of murdered victims have even forgiven the perpetrators that have killed their loved ones, because they trust Jesus.  Others hold grudges for lesser sins like someone talking bad about them.  Jesus died on the cross because the Jews turned against God, and He still cried out to His Father before He died, "Father, forgive them for they don't know what they do."  If Jesus can forgive, then why shouldn't sinners like us forgive other sinners.  Holding grudges and resentments just eat away at our souls until we are miserable and bitter.  Forgiveness gives us the freedom from the bondage of bitterness and hate.  If someone sins against you, in turn, be kind.  It took decades for me to forgive others that have hurt me and it ate away at my soul until I finally forgave.  Love those who hate you, because Jesus forgave those who killed Him.

     Our pride gets in the way of forgiveness at times because we look inward instead of upward toward Jesus.  Our self gets in the way of the path between us and God and we don't see that our flaws hurt others at times too.  The pharisees looked down their nose at "sinners", when they themselves were self-righteous in what they did.  They were pompous and pious and thought of themselves above "The Law".  When we look at ourselves as better than others, we are sinning against those we think are below us, and we sin against God.  When we put ourselves before others, we are also putting ourselves before God.  We all have sinned, so therefore when others do us wrong, we should be forgiving.  When we come to Jesus, we put away our old baggage and resentments.  If we do not forgive, then do we even know Him who forgives us?  
Mark 11:25
        “And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses.

     The next time someone says or does something against you, swallow your pride and forgive them.  Don't let a lifetime go by with misery and pain deep in your soul because someone hurt you.  Let joy rule your life and forgive.  Isn't that what Christianity is?  Forgiveness of sin by a perfect God?  We're not perfect, so we shouldn't set ourselves above others who are in the same boat.    

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Words

     What if you were to die today?  What if a loved one was to die today?  Would you say the right things towards others?  What would your last words be?  We need to live our lives like it were the last day we had on earth and tell those around us that we love them, like we would never see them again. Life is that short.  What would you say to your children?  Your parents?  Your friends?  God gives us time to make things right with Him and with others, whether we go at a moment's notice or we linger in suffering to death.  Everyone has a chance to make amends and love each other how He loves us.  Don't let time slip by without a kind word to your mother, brother or friend.  Be encouraging to one another always in every way.  Go out of your way to show Jesus to others, before it's too late.

     Back when I was a teenager, one of my fiends had passed away, and I happened to get mad at her the week before.  I lived with that for several years.  She didn't even know I was upset with her when she died.  I held a grudge and the next moment I couldn't make up for it.  All for what?  Something petty actually that I had heard.  It may or may have not even been true.  Living with words and attitudes or anger that you have against someone can be devastating later, when your last breath or theirs comes to be.  Always have a kind word to your loved one, no matter what they have done, because to be quite honest, Jesus forgave us when we didn't deserve to be forgiven.  I read on a church sign that said something like this:  Do not judge others for not sinning the same way you have.  That may not be the exact words, but you get the meaning.  Life is too short for complaints against one another.  It is never too late to tell someone you love them, if you tell them everyday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


     I was hit in the face with reality today that I am very selfish.  No, it wasn't satan telling me, it was God convicting me.  I realized that I yearn to be selfless but my sinful nature sometimes causes roadblocks to come in the way.  I am to be a servant of Christ.  I was made in His image, but sometimes I just want MY time, MY way and MY desires, not GOD'S time, GOD'S way and GOD'S desires.  I need to be selfless rather than selfish.  If someone does something against you, treat them like you would want to be treated, not how they treat you.  If you want something for yourself but others need something else, give them what they need.  Put others first before giving to your selfish desires.

     Jesus came to this earth as a Man as well as being God Himself.  He gave up the rich gold roads for a peasant's life only to end up dying on the cruel cross after being beaten half dead.  He literally gave up everything for those of us who cruelly treated Him badly.  Not only did the Roman soldiers and Pharisees treat Him badly, but we do also, whether we curse His name or commit murder.  It doesn't matter what bad things we do.  Sin is sin in God's eyes.  Me being selfish is no less sinful than killing someone.  It's still a slap in the face to God.

     The next time we think of ourselves first when others need us, remember what Jesus did 2000 years ago.  He did not have to, in fact, we didn't even deserve it, He did it because He loved us so much that He was willing to become a human and be treated with contempt, to His death.  Selflessness is the ultimate sacrifice of a me-me world.  Are you willing to give up anything for your kids or parents or friends?  Are you willing to give it all up for a stranger or even an enemy?  I hope I can someday do the latter.  I want to live as Jesus lived--a selfless life. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Martha and Mary

Luke 10:38-42
Mary and Martha Worship and Serve ] Now it happened as they went that He entered a certain village; and a certain woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word. But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.” ...

     Both Martha and Mary served Jesus in two different ways and Jesus thought they were both important.  Martha was busy cleaning and cooking and welcoming her Guest, while Mary just sat there at Jesus' feet.  "I can't believe that Mary is just sitting there." Martha stewed to herself.  "I'm cleaning and cooking while Mary just sits there."  Martha was peeved at the thought that Mary could just sit there while she busied herself with work.  Martha even asked Jesus if He cared that she just sat there and wanted Him to tell her to help.  Jesus basically told Martha that Mary had chosen to serve Him in her way and that sitting at His feet was just as much of worship and service as being busy.

     How do you serve?  Are you busy at church or in your ministry doing and doing and doing until you can't do anymore?  Or are you sitting and praying and singing out praises of worship to Jesus in a restful way?  It doesn't matter how you serve, it just matter where your heart is in the service. Do you take time for Jesus in your ministry or do you just "keep busy?"  If you're not focused on Jesus and His will, but yourself and your will, it's neither service to Him nor worship of Him.  You're just serving and worshiping yourself.  If Jesus isn't first, that means you are, so where is your service and worship?

     Take time to reflect on what you have to do today and thank Jesus for the day you have and what He has given you and what you do each day will be blessed by Him.  If you're a Martha and keep busy, do it for the right reason.  If you're a Mary and sit and worship, do it for Jesus.  Service to Him comes in many ways so serve Him and do it gladly in the way that is best for you and the way Jesus calls you to.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Vow

     I just finished reading the book "The Vow".  It was awe inspiring to know that a person in this day and age who made a vow to love his wife no matter what, still is around.  There were trials that were at times so unbearable, that it seemed impossible to overcome, but the couple overcame the obstacles in front of them and put them all in the past.  The book was an inspiration to many people over the course of almost twenty years and still is. The movie just came out recently and I haven't seen it yet, but want to.  It won't be as good as the book, but I know I'll have to bring Kleenex.  The book and movie is not about fiction, but real life, and what God can do with couples struggling to make it.

  God always brings us through trials of any kind, if we just wait on Him.  I've talked a lot about waiting and how hard it is for us finite humans to do so, but it is something we must do.  If there is a problem in any relationship, don't give up on it so soon.  God always keeps His promises.  Will you?  Not only in marriage do we make a vow, but with Jesus we do too.  We claim we love Jesus and want to follow Him intensely, but we break our vow at times because we tend to think that we are in control or should be in control, rather than letting God have control.  No matter what situation you are in, no matter the hurt or despair, trust God that He will be there when you fall or get hurt.

  Struggles come when we least expect it, we never know when the opportunity will arise where we need to lean on Jesus' arms to take us through our trials.  Always be ready and aware of anything that may go wrong.  Trust Jesus and keep the vow you gave to Him in good and bad.  Never do things on your own accord but God's.  The vow we keep to our spouse or to God should last a lifetime, no matter the situation.  That was proven through the life of the people of whom the book and movie was inspired from. As it says in the Bible, "Let you yes be yes, and your no be no."  Let Christ work in your life and the vows you make will last a lifetime and more.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wings Like Eagles

Isaiah 40:31
But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

     Eagles have massive wings that spread into the air as they glide their way through life.  Do you have wings like eagles?  Do you let your Lord strengthen you?  Are you weary or fainthearted?  When we go through our troubles do we finish the race with victory from Jesus or do we just give up?  Eagles soar through the air with ease and when Jesus brings you through your trials, you can soar like the eagle without growing weary or without fainting.  Just trust Him.  He is there.

     Do not give up on what the Lord can do when faced with a situation you find there is no way out on your own.  Have wings like eagles and soar through life, through the trials and hardships.  It's not an easy road, but it is well worth it.  God is good.  He is always there for us. Eagles' wings may get injured at times and when they do, God brings them through and they get out and fly again.  They don't give up.  Everything will soon pass away, including our tribulations, and God will have victory and there will be victory in your life, if you keep flying, even through the storms.  All we have to do is wait on Him. 

     Waiting is one thing that as humans, do not have time to do, so we think.  We have 24 hours in a day and 8 are spent sleeping.  We live to be about 75-80 years and they go by faster each year.  We might have kids and spouses that need tended to for several hours a day, and then we might also be working.  We ask, "God, how can you keep me waiting?"  He answers, My timing is always right."  He does know how long you have on the earth and he knows what you can get done each day.  Sometimes, if we're not listening to God, we put too much on our plate.  Sometimes we need to slow down and wait.  If you come upon a problem, just wait for what the Lord has in store for you.  Life is short, but God still wants us to wait on Him.  If we don't wait, we end up in dire straights that we can't get out of.

     Spread your wings and fly through life, storms and all.  God will make it so that you won't be weary and you will finish the race of life on top of the world.  God never gives us what we cannot handle, with Him.  He is our rescuer in all times.  Give Him a chance and soar like eagles that will never give up or grow weary.

     Have a great weekend!




Thursday, July 5, 2012

Can You Recognize Him?

     Paul was worried about his family during the storm.  He cried out to God, "Help us please!"  The waters were four feet up on the house, during which time a man in a canoe came by and rescued Paul's family, but Paul stayed in the house.  He cried to his family.  "God will save me!"  The waters rose over the house and he got on the roof.  A helicopter came over the house and a man yelled down at him, "I can save you!"  But Paul was waiting for God to save him.  He was eventually drowned by the flood and was taken to heaven, where he asked God, "Why didn't you help me Lord?"  God answered, "I gave you a canoe and a helicopter when the waters were rising and you refused, so now you are here with Me.  Paul was stunned.  He didn't realize that God gave him the help he needed, but Paul just ignored His help and he died.

     This story has been told in many ways and every time I read or hear it I am reminded that when we ask God for help, He doesn't come down to earth Himself to help us, but He uses people and circumstances to help us.  He may even allow us to suffer tremendously before we submit to His help.  When you are at your wits end, cry out to Him and plead for Him to save you.  It may not be in a way you planned, but how He planned.  Don't look the other way when God is wanting to pull you out of a flood of trials and circumstances.  Watch intently for God's "hands" to reach out and save you.  He knows what's best for all of us.

     Don't be like the man, Paul, when the flood was rising and He ignored God's help.  Be in tuned with God and listen for Him.  If you call Him, He will answer you in ways that you may not understand at the time, but in your best interest.  He never leaves you or forsakes you in your trials.  Call on Him today.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


     Today Americans celebrate Independence Day, or what we call the 4th of July.  Our freedom and independence are important to us and we hold them dear to us.  For 236 years we have enjoyed our freedoms, but they all came with a cost.  Military personnel for those 236 years have given their lives for us all so that are freedoms are intact.  We celebrate with family and friends around the BBQ and pool, and think of those who have served to their deaths for our liberties that we have.  Today is a special day for all Americans.  Remember us all today as we live in a world where freedoms are not always given to those who desperately want and need them.  Pray for those who cannot enjoy the freedoms that we Americans enjoy.

     There are other freedoms that we, all around the world can enjoy, and it comes with a great cost.  Another life.  Jesus gave His life for everyone, so that they may have eternal life, so that they may have the freedom to live without the bondage of sin.  The great cost also came to the Father, who chose to let His Son die on the cross, to the point He even turned His back on Him.  That is the ultimate sacrifice.  We enjoy love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, because of Jesus' death and resurrection.  We enjoy salvation in Him so that we don't have to pay the price for sin.  How many years have you celebrated that freedom?  Have you been able to celebrate that freedom yet?  If not, why not today?

     If you're an American, take time to celebrate our nation today.  If you're a human being, take time to celebrate the freedom in Jesus Christ, no matter where you are living.  "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."  John 3:16.  He gave us all the freedoms that we are always longing for in our lives.  Be blessed today and bless others with Jesus Christ and "let freedom ring" around the world.  God bless America, and the entire world! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Storms of Life

     Matthew 8:27

So the men marveled saying, "Who can this be, that even the winds and the sea obey Him.

     Jesus made the storms stop several times in His ministry.  We go through our storms and wonder how it will come out.  We worry and we fret and cry in anguish.  We forget that Jesus had calmed the storms in the past, and even still, calms the storms in our lives.  He is unchangeable and will never abandon us when trials come.  We don't give Jesus credit where it is due and put upon ourselves burdens we don't have to carry.  When we go through our daily trials, we must get down on our knees and pray for God to use the situation for His good, which He will ultimately do.  Be persistent in prayer.  Be patient.  If He doesn't answer you right away, give Him time.  His time is always better than our time.  When He is silent, it may mean He is waiting to see if you will be faithful no matter the cost.  He will answer.  

     The storms in life will surely pass and God will always take care of our situations.  God is faithful, shouldn't we be?  Shouldn't we go to Him faithfully every day and lean on His understanding?  We have a way out of our trials in Jesus every moment we face trials.  The winds and the sea obey His commands, why don't we?  Matthew 11:28 states, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."  Shall we give Him our burdens instead of holding on to them with anger and bitterness?  

     When storms come upon us, Let Jesus calm them and let go of the hurt and pain they cause.  It doesn't help to worry, get angry or bitter, or to see no end to it.  God, in His time will walk you through those storms, in His arms.  Jesus died so that we might live and be freed from the bondage of sin and trials.  Give back to Him the trust He deserves and do as Psalm 27:14 says, "Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait I say on the Lord." 

Monday, July 2, 2012


What is Truth?

T: Trustworthiness

R: Righteousness

U: Understanding

T: Triune God 

H: Helper

The truths of God are forever the same yesterday, today and forever.  Whatever was true in the beginning is true now and will be true tomorrow.  God is trustworthy.  God is righteous.  God understands our need for Him.  In the Godhead there is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but He is also only one God.  And He is our Helper when everything is going wrong.  That is the truth about God.  There are more truths to behold, an unending list, but the ones that are mentioned are important truths that we need to know.