Friday, August 3, 2012

The Quietness of the Heart

     As I got up this morning, the TV was on.  I got up to get my coffee and got back into bed to spend time with God in His Word.  I turned the TV on mute and God talked with me and I listened.  I had burdens on my heart and spoke of them in prayer.  I waited for His response and He answered.  The quiet room surrounded me and all I could hear was His voice.  Yes, I talked and wanted my prayers to be heard, but then I was quiet.  Listening to God in the quietness of your heart is more important than listing all your wants.  We talk all day to people but when do we be quiet and just listen?

     Listening to God for His response to our dire situation is one step that many people don't take.  All they want is how God should answer their prayers.  God's ways are not our ways, but we sometimes tell God how we want our lives to be.  God's Will will be done, with or without us.  Yes, prayer changes things, but what God wants is more important than what we think we need.  God is omniscient.  God is omnipresent.  God is omnipotent.  He is all-knowing, ever-present and all-powerful, and that's that.  Why we suffer, why we rejoice.  Why we get sick, why we are healed.  Why we die, why we survive, it's all a part of a life that is imperfect here on earth.  God never wants us to suffer or die, but because there is sin, there will be suffering and death.  God want us to live and rejoice in Him, and we will, if we know Him, in Eternity.

     Quietness of the heart and listening for God's instruction is the key to living in God's Will.  We must do it to go the right way in life.  I talk when things need to be said, so some people think I'm quiet, but I can talk someone's ear off when I want to.  I also think of the next thing to say when someone else is talking and don't really listen.  I am far from being quiet.  I was reminded today in my devotions that I need to be quiet, with my mouth and my mind, and just listen.  With all the burdens that I have in life, He told me to "Listen and obey".  I'm not sure what that means in every situation, but He also asks me to trust Him, and I do.  It's not easy, considering that others I have trusted have let me down, but Jesus has never ever let me down.  Will you be quiet today and just listen to His voice and obey Him?    

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