Monday, September 17, 2012

T*R*U*T*H* in Our World

     I just want to say that I am finally back blogging after a 12-day absence.  I have been battling an ongoing illness that through me for a loop.  I'm glad to be back.  I still may not blog daily because I am in the process of moving and am quite busy, but here is my blog post for today.

     Isn't it amazing how the Truth of the Bible has been so twisted in our times?  Lies become truths and truths become lies, in the eyes of the world.  Muslims are not to be treated harshly, but Christians can be treated badly.  This is in no way a political blog today, but in view of the times, I thought I would bring it up.  No one should be treated harshly for their beliefs, at no time.  God gave us free-will to be used as we want it to be used.  The Bible also states that Christians will be persecuted as Jesus was.  Some even killed, as Jesus was.  Should we hate Muslims?  No.  We need to love them and pray for them as Jesus loves them. From the beginning of time, people of different nationalities and religions have hated one another.  Jesus says to love one another and He also says to love our enemies.

  Some people say we are in the end times, and some people say, "Well they have been saying that for centuries."  We, in reality do not know when Jesus will come again, but we should be ready.  If we as Christians are persecuted, so be it.  Stand firm in your beliefs as followers of Christ.  Don't back down, but do so in love.  Let's not hate those who hate us.  Let's love each other as Christ loves us.  The truth in this world is that the world is full of hate, and we as Christians must be ready for the battle ahead.

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  1. Oh and what a battle it is. Love reading your blog! Thanks for the encouragement!