Monday, August 4, 2014

Lord? Where Are You?

Lord?  Where are You?
"Right here".
I don't see You.
"You're not looking closely".
I don't hear You?
"You're not listening".
I don't feel You.
"You're too far away".
What Lord?  What do You mean?  I'm standing right here.  
"But that's not where I am".
Lord?  Where are You?
"Right here".
OK, Lord, You're fooling with me (little laugh).  Playing hide and seek?
"No, seek and you shall find".
(Scratches head) I don't get it.
"Have you prayed to Me"?
Uh, no.
"Have you read My Word"?
Uh, no.
"Have you gone to church"?, no.
"Try doing those things".
A few weeks go by and she prays, reads and goes to church.  
Lord!  There You are!  It's great that You're here!
"I have always been here.  It's great that you're here.  I've waited a long time.  Welcome home.
The Lord puts her in His arms and she is happy.

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