Tuesday, August 5, 2014

God's Sense of Humor

     Abraham and Sarah laughed at God.  Jacob lied.  David committed adultry and murder.  Jonah ran away.  Mary was a virgin and gave birth to Jesus.  Matthew was a tax collector.  Peter needed anger management.  Thomas doubted.  Martha worried.  The woman at the well had many marriages and was living with a guy.  Barnabus had words with a Paul.  Timothy was just a kid.  Paul hated Christians in the beginning and had them killed.
     Yes, God has a sense of humor.  He used all these people in their sinful ways and in Mary's case, an impossible way, and gave us a life--giving Gospel, despite human error.  He even illustrates us as sheep, in a round about way saying we are stupid.  Yes, humans and sheep alike are stupid.  He loves us so much though that through these men and women, we have His-story, and Jesus came through these people, so that we may be redeemed from laughing at God, lying,  committing adultry or murder, running away from God, cheating people out of money, getting angry, doubting or worrying, or being faithful to one spouse. 
     He also came so that we may not break friendships with harsh word, or not worry about being to young, and worry what others will say about it.  He came to change persecutors lives and make them powerful preachers.  The last laugh is from God.  If you say, "I can't be used".  God will use you in that area you doubt, so watch out and be careful the next time you mess up and think you're in the clear.  God'll get you then.


  1. Good word! I'm amazed at God's amazing grace!

  2. Thank you Bobby. We all can be used by God in ways we cannot imagine.