Monday, October 29, 2012

The Storms In Life

     I have been doing a devotion from Open Doors called Standing Strong Through the Storm, which deals with the Persecuted Church, also we are in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a potentially massive storm.  Throughout my life I have seen a few other hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina and how destructive they were.  Reading through the devotion and seeing how people have been given the strength to withstand the storm of persecution and going through personal "storms" in my life, which one of them is that both my kids are in the path of destruction from Hurricane Sandy, I ask you, how do you stand strong through your storms?  There are many I know who are now struggling through the storm of illness.  There are some that are going through the storm of taking care of those who are sick.  Children rebel.  Marriages crumble, and people mourn the death of family members and friends.  There are many storms we face each day in our lives.  None of us are immune.

     Lives are changed each day by trials and tragedy that leave those feeling empty, alone and afraid and feeling there is no hope, but there is hope.  Knowing there is hope doesn't make these situations any easier, but in a sense, if you know there is hope, it will give you peace.  Jesus was in the midst of the storm when He and Peter walked on water.  Peter took his eyes off Jesus and Jesus saved him from certain death.  What is your storm?  And how do you deal with your storm?  Do you have the faith of the mustard seed?  Do you trust that Jesus uses these storms to strengthen you against Satan?  Do you trust Him to bring you through the storms?  We wonder why things happen to us and how it will all be OK in the end.  "How?", we ask.  Jeremiah 29:11 tell us that God has a plan for us.  It also says in the Bible that our ways are not His and His plan is right for all of us.

     It's easy to say "do not worry" or "don't be afraid", it's easier said than done.  No one ever said or been through a "storm" that was easy, but, Jesus is there to carry you through the storm.  You cannot stand up against the storm on your own strength.  In the weather storms we get each year, there are those who help others who are caught in them.  In the "storms" of life, Jesus rescues you.  Remember that when you are in the midst of a storm, you are not alone.  Those of you who are being persecuted for your faith, in the paths of tornadoes, blizzards or hurricanes, you who are mourning a death or struggling with illness, wayward children or broken relationships, know that God is there.  He will never leave you or forsake you, no matter what you have done or who you are.  Just trust Him and have faith.

     My prayers go out everyday for those who are struggling in any storm.  Be safe and prepared if you are in the path of Hurricane Sandy or whether the trials in your lives are weighing down on you.  Be blessed

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