Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Psalm 27 : 12-Continued Story of Fearless Trust in God

    Psalm 27:12
"Do not deliver me over to the desire of my adversaries, for false witnesses have risen against me, and such as breathe out violence".

     Ben knew exactly who was on the other end of the phone...Julio, his "best friend".  He panicked and asked, "Who is this"?.  There was a pause between Ben and Julio.  "Hernandez will get what he wants.  I'll see you tomorrow.  That's my warning, my friend", Julio warned, then hung up.  Ben scurried in his mind frantically, thinking how they could have found them.  They changed their identities, their vehicle, their phones.  Still, in the back of his mind this whole trip, Ben knew the outcome.  What he couldn't figure out is how they found out.  His mind turned with paranoia, thinking someone they had met in town was working for Hernandez.  He knew Hernandez had people everywhere.  He also knew that even his best friend, Julio, would turn on him for Hernandez.

     Drew, Manuel, Kyle and Sheila were still out, and that worried Ben.  He knew he couldn't call or text any of them to warn them.  They were definitely under Hernandez' surveillance.  He didn't even know if he could safely go out and find them.  He prayed.  God, what do I do now?.  He knew he had to risk his life for his friends, but he didn't know what good it would do if he was harmed and thus, the others might be harmed.  God was silent on this one.  He let Ben decide which was best, so that Ben would truly trust Him fearlessly.  Ben paced the floor and continued to pour his heart out to Jesus.  He grabbed his Bible and turned back to Psalm 27 and read down to verse 12.  Then he prayed that verse and asked God to deliver him and his friends.  He also asked God what he could do next.  Just then he heard the door opened.  Uh oh, he thought.  He looked and gasped with relief when he saw his group of friends come back from sightseeing.  They saw the look on his face and asked what was wrong.  They sat down and he told them.

     Worry crept upon their faces as he told them about Julio's call and the warning.  Ben wasn't sure how long they could stay or who to trust in town.  They all wondered what the next step would be.  Pastor Manuel didn't have an answer either.  God was still silent.  Ben wondered why He was so silent.  The Pastor spoke up.  "Let me dwell in Your tent forever; Let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wing. ~Selah".  That's all he said at the time.  Drew looked at him.  "In Psalms"?, Drew ask.  "Psalm 61:4", is all he answered.  Sheila realized then, that they could always rely on God's Word, even in the worst distress.  That comforted her a little, but she still was terrified of what might happen.  Drew spoke up, "'He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power.  Though youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary'.  Isaiah 40:29-31."   Kyle spoke up.  "We can get through this".  So they planned their next step.

     They weren't sure who to trust.  Was anyone in town trustworthy?  They carefully went out into town the next morning for coffee and breakfast, carefully looking over everyone in town.  Paranoia crept into their minds.  Do they trust the Bartholomews?  Do they trust the pastor of the small town church?  Mr. Bartholomew came up to them as they sat down for breakfast.  He looked at them intently, asking them for their orders.  They briefly spoke to him.  Mr. Bartholomew asked how they liked the church service.  Sheila answered for them and told him it was great.  He went and got their orders and they quietly prayed.  The news came up again and fear flashed on their faces.  Mr. Bartholomew darted a look their way.  He seemed very suspicious to Ben and Pastor Manuel.  They ate, paid, left and went to talk to Pastor Charles.

     He seemed honest enough and true to the Gospel.  They felt comfortable with him.  They went into the church and entered his office, and sitting there with the pastor was Rick Hickory, the pastor's head deacon.  They abruptly stopped what they were discussing when Pastor Manuel and the rest walked in.  It seemed as though Pastor Charles choked his words when he told them to please come in.  "We have to talk Pastor", Pastor Manuel spoke.  "Privately...please".  He looked over toward Rick.  


  1. Very interesting, Sabrina. I thought as I read this, if only all of us knew our scriptures then when we get into touch situations we would be able to find comfort and direction as your characters did.

  2. Yes, if we did that, we'd be better off and be able to handle hardships easier. We need to learn how to hide God's Word in our hearts more readily. Thank you for reading. I am working on the last two parts of this story now.