Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Love Is

Love is:

Are we patient with our children when they are learning something for the first time?  Are we patient with our spouse when he doesn't say I Love You today?  Are we patient with our neighbor when he forgets to clean up after his dog, in our yard?

What acts of kindness have you shown this week, toward the ones you love?  Have you said to your child, "Nice try!", when he swings at the baseball and misses, three times?  Have you told your husband that he means the world to you, after you both had a bad day?  Did you make a nice batch of cookies for a neighbor who is crotchety most of the time?

Not Jealous:
When Mr. and Mrs. Jones wins a getaway trip to Europe, do you wish they would come down with the flu the day before and give you their tickets?  Do you wish Mr. Jones' son would break a leg just before he can pitch for the team, so your son can pitch?  When your husband comes in late with a very valid reason, do you hire a Private Eye to spy his every move?

Does Not Brag:
Do you rub it in to Mrs. Jones that your daughter was the best pick for Prom Queen...for a whole week?  Do you go on and on about how great your wife's meatloaf is, after tasting Mrs. Jones'?  Do you tell everyone you see the great shoes you got and how fantastic they look on you?

Is Not Rude:
How do you treat your family, friends and neighbors on a daily basis?  Are you short with them?  Do you cut the driver in front of you off by passing them abruptly and slowing down?  Do you interrupt someone when they are talking?  Or do you show your grace with them, even on your worst day, as Christ showed us, when hanging on the cross?

Not Self-Seeking:
Do you do something for someone, with a selfish motive?  Or do you give of yourself in a sacrificial way?

When your child, neighbor or spouse gets on your last nerve, do you lash out in anger or do you just brush it off with diplomacy?

Pure in Thought:
What are you thinking right now when your son breaks a window?  What are you thinking right now when someone hurts someone you love?  What do you think when your spouse breaks a promise?  Punishment?  Revenge?  Or forgiveness?

Not Rejoicing in Iniquity:
Do you let your child get away with stealing a candy bar?  Or watch a neighbor steal someone else's newspaper and just laugh when he does it?  Do you enjoy seeing your spouse lie to the policeman when he get a ticket?

Do you seek the truth in all things?  Are you honest with your kids, your spouse, your neighbors?  Even if the truth hurts?

Do you stand up for your family, friends and community when they are in harm's way?  

Do you trust those you love?  Do you trust God?  Or are you always looking behind you, thinking you'll get hurt?

Are you ready to give up on life or are you trusting in Jesus' promise that there is always hope when things go wrong in a moment?

What trials are you going through with your loved ones?  Are you ready to quit?  To give up on the ones you love because of their bad choices?  What will you do when someone you love hurts you?  Do what Jesus did, love them with open arms.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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