Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where are the Answers?

     There are somethings I don't understand in life, and will probably never know this side of heaven.  There are circumstances that all of us must face and there are no answers for, so we think.  God has all the answers, but does not reveal them to us all the time.  We just have to trust and have faith.  We can not see past today for a reason.  We don't know what will happen tomorrow because God wants us to rest in Him.  There are times we pray for healing, we pray for finances, we pray for a job, and then we don't hear from God.  He's quiet.  Maybe we don't listen to God.  Maybe He is quietly fashioning our lives to bring us to a place where we have the utmost closeness to Him that He desires.  He wants the best for us, and yes, there are times when life seems hopeless and the answers are not what we want to hear.  But God knows.  But God hears our cries.  But God has a perfect plan.

     God's perfect plan doesn't mean we always get our own way when we pray for things.  Our prayers need to be aligned with His perfect will.  We want and want for our selfish desires, but sometimes we fight against what God wants for us, maybe sometimes unknowingly.  Sometimes we have to wait for answers.  Sometimes we need to ask for His help, when we think we can do it on our own.  Sometimes we just need to trust, no matter what the circumstances.  The answers are there.  God does provide.  He says He will provide and He doesn't lie.  He can't lie.  He does take care of us in His own way.  So when we pray, we must also let God talk to us and listen.  We must submit to His will, and we must have perseverance and wait for Him.  Where are the answers?  They are there waiting for you when your ready for them.


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