Monday, June 25, 2012

Well It Happened Again

     Whatever Is True got deleted.  I'm really spiffing up my site though, which is good.  Mondays are not my best days, and getting deleted for a second time makes me wonder if I should keep blogging.  Paul in the Bible tells us to persevere to the end, so I will.  I hope you enjoy this better than my last blog site.  This site will still be about the truths of the Bible in daily life.  I suppose change is good, but it's not so good after being set in your ways at 50 years old.  Take time, relax, and enjoy the ride of your life, with all the twists and turns life gives you.  Remember that Jesus is standing at the door knocking and waiting to come in.  Will you invite Him on a daily basis?
     We have a calling and if things go wrong, and everyday is a "Monday", reach out to Jesus and cry out to Him with whatever is true in your life.  Be noble in your daily activities and relationships.  Be just when there is injustice.  Be pure in your actions.  Be lovely in an ugly world.  Meditate on virtuous and praiseworthy matters.  No one but God knows you better, not even you.  I hope more people follow me, but if they don't I enjoy getting back to writing, even if it's just for me.  Enjoy the drudgery of a Monday and enjoy the rest of this week.  What a ride it will be!  

Sabrina Yeager    

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