Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three Loves

     The Bible speaks of three kinds of love.  I thought since it was getting close to Valentine's Day, I would blog about love this week.  God is the Author of Love.  Love comes from God Himself.  Here are the three kinds of love described in the Bible:

Greek mythology speaks of the god of love, Eros.  Eros actually means longing or desire.  This is a physical love.  It's described as a feeling.  It is self-seeking.  A person would say, "What can I get from this person for me?"  It's a sexual love.  God's intention in physical love between a man and woman was never to be selfish, but giving to one another.  Eros, physical love, is essential in marriage.  Eros preserves the marriage.

Philos is a brotherly love.  A love between friends.  If you put your friends, brothers and sisters, before you, that is Philos.  This is a unique love that sometimes circumstances makes this type of love crumble.  A squabble between two friends over a business decision can break a Philos love.

This is God's love for us.  It is unconditional.  Nothing can break this love between one another.  No feelings or actions can come between two people with the Agape Love.  God's agape was shown on the Cross of Calvary, when Jesus gave up His life.

Agape love never fails
1 Corinthians 13:8

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