Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Part 1 of Fearless Trust in God~An original short story by Sabrina Yeager

A story based on Psalm 27 Part 1

     Drew was trapped in a cave, hiding from the ones who were out to kill him.  He didn't understand it at all and he was scared.  He was just 17 years old, getting ready to graduate high school.  He had a girlfriend named Sheila, who was 16 years old, and they took her one night.  She had been missing now for 3 months.  He couldn't figure it out, why they had taken her.  He dreaded each day without her.  He called the police on November 27 to report her missing.  It was 6pm, when he called and the police might as well had just laughed at him, he thought, because they just dismissed his report.  They had told him not to worry about it.  The police just thought it was an argument between the two.  Three days later, Mr. and Mrs. Wharton reported their daughter missing.  It was Thanksgiving break and Sheila was suppose to spend time with her cousin, Freda Wilson, who lived down the road.  Drew was suppose to meet the both of them for a double date, with Freda's boyfriend, Max.  Drew went to The Coffee Bean on Richmond Drive and they never showed up.  He ordered a grande White Chocolate Mocha and waited and hour, then ordered a Caramel Macchiato to go.  He called Sheila, then Freda, and no one answered.  Three days after Drew called the police, Mrs. Wharton called Mrs. Wilson.  Sheila never showed up on that Monday when she was suppose to.  Mrs. Wilson was confused because Freda said she was going to her friend Rhonda's house in the next town over.  Mrs. Wharton panicked and called the police.

     The cave was dark and the thought of Sheila startled him.  He had been hiding out for 2 days now and the cave was cold.  It was the end of February and the snow on the ground made it difficult to keep warm.  He had been attending Atonement Fellowship Baptist Church with his best friend Kyle Rutheford for 2 months now.  He wasn't sure what all this God stuff was really all about, but after what was happening, decided to finally go with Kyle one Wednesday night to Youth Group.  Kyle was the same age as Drew and they had been best friends since kindergarten.  Kyle lost his mom to cancer when he was 11 and his dad started taking Kyle to church two months later after his mom's death.  Kyle rebelled for a few years and then gave his life to Christ when he was 14.  Drew was never was interested in the least.  Drew grew up without parents available to him.  He lived with his Aunt Rita Baker, Drew's father's oldest sister.  She was a nurse who worked in the local hospital on the midnight shift, so Drew was pretty much on his own at night.  He got himself up everyday for school and got himself breakfast and a shower and grabbed his books everyday since he was 15.  Drew's parents were both hooked on Meth since Drew was born and the state gave him over to his aunt permanently when he was 2 years old.  Drew never really thought much of God until the night he went to church with Kyle, and never gave Him much thought after that night, until tonight.

     Drew, frightened and cold, remembered that night at Youth Group in December, just before Christmas.  The youth pastor talked about how the Lord was our light and our salvation, and taught on Psalm 27 that night.  Of all the scriptures Pastor Ron Keller could talk about, he chose Psalm 27, and that night, Drew was drawn in.  Now he was running for his life from enemies he never met and he thought of Psalm 27:1, "The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?  The LORD is the defense of my life; whom shall I dread?"  It kept going and going on in his head and couldn't get it to stop.  He didn't quite understand it all and was very frustrated with that verse.  He couldn't understand why God wouldn't want him to be afraid, he just might get killed after all!  He did relate to Psalm 27 very well, with everything that had gone on in his life, but how could he not be afraid of those who were going to kill him?  And how would God step in and save him?  He just didn't know the answer.  On Monday night, two nights earlier, he had enough.  The police had no leads, because all the witnesses to Sheila's disappearance were ending up dead.  The case was becoming as cold as that February night.  He grabbed Aunt Rita's pistol and took off looking for clues.  He was going downtown late Monday night and two masked guys in a black SUV drove up to his red Jeep Cherokee and took two shots at him, while he was getting out of the jeep to grab a bite to eat at the Subway.  Needless to say, he jumped back into the vehicle and sped down the road, running every red light until he came to  the edge of the mountains.  He ditched the vehicle and ran for the caves that weren't far from there.  He barricaded himself in a small, dank cave and looked down at his right hip in horror.  There was blood.  It didn't even hurt until he saw the blood.  He realized what had happened.  He'd been shot.

     He stumbled, landing his butt on a large rock and quickly looked at the damage.  It was only a graze.  Nothing that was life threatening.  He gulped with relief.  He wondered if he was being followed.  He had sensed danger as he plopped on the rock.  Was he alone?  Or did he lose those thugs?  He thought back to January 14, when he got a disturbing phone call.  It was a recording of a children's song, "Little Bunny Foo Foo".  The person or persons calling called three times and hung up after the recording.  He got the first call at 8pm, the second at 9:30pm and the last call at 11pm.  He got a chuckle over it the first time they called.  Then it got a little disturbing.  He thought to himself while sitting in the cave, "Who was it that called that night, and why that song?"  A note came to him in the mail a week before that read, Don't follow the rabbit trail."  It was signed in blood, Peter Rabbit, with a picture of a dead rabbit.  He gasped when he looked at the picture for the first time, and he gasped at the memory while in that dark cave.  Dread came over him as the feeling of danger crept closer.  Was it his imagination running amok or did the two masked thugs catch up to him?  He looked at his watch and noticed it was almost midnight.  He had gone 2 days without sufficient food or water, and hardly any sleep.  He thought he would either die at the hands of his enemies or would die of thirst and starvation.  He did something for the very first time in his life that night.  He prayed.  Lord, I'm scared and feel alone.  Help me please!  A sense of calm came rushing through his body.  This was very foreign to him.  For that moment, he was at peace.

      There will be 14 parts to this story over the next several days.  I hope you will continue to follow it.  Stay tuned...



Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Message of Hate

     Now wait a minute..."a message of hate on Valentine's Day?  And on a Christian blog?", you say.  No my friend, I don't have a message of hate, but quite the contrary.  There are however, churches out there, who shouldn't even be called Christian churches, who hate.  I won't mention the name of the well-know church of hate that is in the United States, but I don't think I need to mention their name.  They picket funerals of those they don't agree with and pray that they go to hell, instead of sending cards and letters to those who have lost loved ones, in order to show what Christianity really means...LOVE.  I believe in the Bible, and the God of the Bible, and what it says, wholeheartedly, and I will stand up to the Truth, but...the truth is, we need to show our love to one another and "go out and make disciples", not hate those who we indeed have something in common with...sin.  Yes, "We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." ~Romans 3:23.  Not one of us is immune to sin.  Some say one certain thing is a sin, while others say it's not, but what does the Bible say?  What does Jesus tell us to do to our neighbors?  Today is the day of Love, not hate.  Everyday we should love, not hate.

     Not everyone agrees with each other, but should we hate them?  No.  Jesus didn't die on the cross for sinners, because He hated us.  He died because He loved us, in spite of our sin.  He does not like sin, in fact He does actually hate sin, but He loves the sinner.  He gave up His own perfect and spotless life, and shed His blood, so that we, imperfect sinners could have eternal life with Him.  He cried out on the cross to God, for those who were killing Him, "Forgive them, for they do not know what they do."  We as true Christians need to show more love and less hate.  If God could love sinners, then why can't we love in the same manner?  We do need to make stands against sin, but we also need to live in a manner that pleases God, in order to take that stand without hypocrisy.  Look in the mirror, and ask yourself, "should I cast the first stone?"

     Love is what this message is about, appropriately on Valentines Day.  "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life." ~John 3:16.  We sadly live in a world of hate.  It is shown by the acts of some people who were supporting Christopher Dorner in killing cops.  How in the world can someone support killing others?  It's the message of hate that satan is displaying to the world.  I will stop and pray when I hear messages of hate, for those in the line of fire, and for those who are doing the targeting.  I have ranted and raved about things I've disagreed with, and I truly apologize for that.  Instead, I challenge Christians around the United States and the world, that when something arises that we do not believe is right, pray for those people involved, and take a loving stand, in Jesus' name.  The message of hate towards sinners is not what sinners need, especially from a so-called church.  It creates a bad name for all Christians, and it creates a bad name for our One and Only True and loving God.

     Don't hate the churches or groups who hate others that don't agree with them.  Don't hate our leaders who do wrong in our sight.  Don't hate the one's who kill innocent children, or kill those in vengeance, or out of a psychotic rage.  Pray for them and show others the forgiveness and love that Jesus showed on the Cross of Calvary.  Resurrection Sunday is coming soon.  The message of that day, and three days before that, is LOVE, not hate.  If God hated us, remember, we wouldn't be here in the first place, let alone, Jesus providing salvation for all of us sinners.  

     Have a Happy Valentine's Day and love one another!

     Be Blessed and bless someone today!

     In Christ,


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three Loves

     The Bible speaks of three kinds of love.  I thought since it was getting close to Valentine's Day, I would blog about love this week.  God is the Author of Love.  Love comes from God Himself.  Here are the three kinds of love described in the Bible:

Greek mythology speaks of the god of love, Eros.  Eros actually means longing or desire.  This is a physical love.  It's described as a feeling.  It is self-seeking.  A person would say, "What can I get from this person for me?"  It's a sexual love.  God's intention in physical love between a man and woman was never to be selfish, but giving to one another.  Eros, physical love, is essential in marriage.  Eros preserves the marriage.

Philos is a brotherly love.  A love between friends.  If you put your friends, brothers and sisters, before you, that is Philos.  This is a unique love that sometimes circumstances makes this type of love crumble.  A squabble between two friends over a business decision can break a Philos love.

This is God's love for us.  It is unconditional.  Nothing can break this love between one another.  No feelings or actions can come between two people with the Agape Love.  God's agape was shown on the Cross of Calvary, when Jesus gave up His life.

Agape love never fails
1 Corinthians 13:8

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Love Is

Love is:

Are we patient with our children when they are learning something for the first time?  Are we patient with our spouse when he doesn't say I Love You today?  Are we patient with our neighbor when he forgets to clean up after his dog, in our yard?

What acts of kindness have you shown this week, toward the ones you love?  Have you said to your child, "Nice try!", when he swings at the baseball and misses, three times?  Have you told your husband that he means the world to you, after you both had a bad day?  Did you make a nice batch of cookies for a neighbor who is crotchety most of the time?

Not Jealous:
When Mr. and Mrs. Jones wins a getaway trip to Europe, do you wish they would come down with the flu the day before and give you their tickets?  Do you wish Mr. Jones' son would break a leg just before he can pitch for the team, so your son can pitch?  When your husband comes in late with a very valid reason, do you hire a Private Eye to spy his every move?

Does Not Brag:
Do you rub it in to Mrs. Jones that your daughter was the best pick for Prom Queen...for a whole week?  Do you go on and on about how great your wife's meatloaf is, after tasting Mrs. Jones'?  Do you tell everyone you see the great shoes you got and how fantastic they look on you?

Is Not Rude:
How do you treat your family, friends and neighbors on a daily basis?  Are you short with them?  Do you cut the driver in front of you off by passing them abruptly and slowing down?  Do you interrupt someone when they are talking?  Or do you show your grace with them, even on your worst day, as Christ showed us, when hanging on the cross?

Not Self-Seeking:
Do you do something for someone, with a selfish motive?  Or do you give of yourself in a sacrificial way?

When your child, neighbor or spouse gets on your last nerve, do you lash out in anger or do you just brush it off with diplomacy?

Pure in Thought:
What are you thinking right now when your son breaks a window?  What are you thinking right now when someone hurts someone you love?  What do you think when your spouse breaks a promise?  Punishment?  Revenge?  Or forgiveness?

Not Rejoicing in Iniquity:
Do you let your child get away with stealing a candy bar?  Or watch a neighbor steal someone else's newspaper and just laugh when he does it?  Do you enjoy seeing your spouse lie to the policeman when he get a ticket?

Do you seek the truth in all things?  Are you honest with your kids, your spouse, your neighbors?  Even if the truth hurts?

Do you stand up for your family, friends and community when they are in harm's way?  

Do you trust those you love?  Do you trust God?  Or are you always looking behind you, thinking you'll get hurt?

Are you ready to give up on life or are you trusting in Jesus' promise that there is always hope when things go wrong in a moment?

What trials are you going through with your loved ones?  Are you ready to quit?  To give up on the ones you love because of their bad choices?  What will you do when someone you love hurts you?  Do what Jesus did, love them with open arms.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Monday, February 11, 2013

Something to Share

Here is a little info about what I have been dealing with for several years now.  I'd like everyone to know about it and how you can help.

My goal as a fellow Chiarian and a fellow Christian is to help those in need.

Galatians 6:2
       Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.

In Christ's Love,


     I will share more of my blog as I can.  God bless!