Tuesday, November 13, 2012


     Just in the last year I have seen a lot of trials and sorrow in the lives of others.  I have seen loss, discouragement, illness, confusion and much more.  We go through life wondering why, and sometimes we think we go it alone.  Sometimes we do go it alone.  We go through trials so that we can comfort others.  We encourage others who are struggling.  That is what suffering brings at times, sharing comfort with others because we in some sense know what it's like.  Encourage one another when trouble strikes a friend or loved one, especially if you have "been there".  

     I have struggled with many things and I hope to encourage others, but sometimes I fail.  Just a kind word to someone who is hurting, though they may not be kind to you, will make a difference.  Step out in faith when others aren't very nice because of a situation they are in, and encourage them.  I have to be taught this daily and wonder why I haven't gotten the hint yet.  All kidding aside, we do not live on this earth alone or go through trials alone.  Encouragement is something we all need to experience and give.  

     Christmas is just around the corner and we all are out shopping for the right gifts.  How about giving something you don't shop for, how about the gift of encouragement?  Many people this time of year struggle with loss or a place to live and we are out shopping, not thinking of those who hurt.  What can we do to change the lives of others who need encouragement?  Do you need encouragement?  Would you give encouragement?  Have you been in someone's shoes that needs encouragement?  This Christmas I hope to spend more time with friends and family, just listening and caring, than spend shopping frantically for the "perfect gift".  Actually the perfect gift IS encouragement.  We all hurt at one time or another.

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