Wednesday, June 27, 2012


     Faithfulness comes in many forms.  Faithfulness to God.  Faithfulness to your spouse, to a special friend.  We should be faithful even to the unfaithful.  Jesus was faithful to a sinful world in spite of sin.  He died on an awful despicable cross for those sins.  Why shouldn't we be faithful to others who sin, no matter how awful they treat us?  Jesus was beaten.  Jesus was scourged.  Jesus was mocked and spit upon, and yet He still gave up His life for those who hated Him.  No matter the situation, we need to do as Jesus did and make sacrifices to those who hurt us, so that the love of Christ will be shown through us.  Would you die for a friend?  Would you die for an enemy?  What does it come to when faced with a trial with someone who uses and hurts you?

     Life isn't about doing to others before they do to you, or only do good when they do good first.  It's about living a sacrificial life above reproach, whenever, wherever and with whoever.  Don't be discouraged when someone kicks you when you're down.  Love them anyway, maybe love them more.  I have been hurt by many in my life, and if I had it my way, I would seek revenge, and sometimes still entertain the thought, but I know what my Jesus would do and am willing to be faithful enough to Him, to be faithful to others, in spite of the hurt.  The Christian life is not an easy life.  It may even be harder that the sinner's life, but it is worth it.  When we suffer, we have an opportunity to grow stronger in Jesus, if we are faithful.  Faithfulness to Jesus comes first though.  Trusting and believing He will triumph in your life, no matter the cost.  Don't look at life as something you wake to and regret.  Look at life as an opportunity to be more like Jesus as life disturbs your day with trials.  Be faithful to God and be faithful to others.  

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