Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Funny Thought For Today

I am going to attempt to look at the Christian life in a funny way these next few days.  With everything going on in this world, it is difficult to do, but sometimes we just have to laugh or we'll cry.  And I say attempt to be funny because my humor is a little odd and offbeat at times so bear with me.

Just a thought:

     In Genesis 1:26-31, God created man and woman.  Before that he created everything else, and it was good.  Then God created man, and man was alone, which God said that it was not good than man should be alone, so God took a rib from man and created woman.  Man now was complete.  So we go to Genesis 1:31, after God had made everything...including women, then instead of saying "it was good", He said, "God saw all that he made, and it was very good.  And there was evening and there was morning---the sixth day".

     God definitely does not make mistakes, but He knew after creating Adam, that Adam needed a woman's help.  It was only good until He made Eve.  Then because woman came along everything was very good.  Doesn't that tell you that Adam probably wouldn't have tended the garden properly, or fed the animals at the right time without Eve giving him a "honey-do" list.  And when they fell and started wearing clothes, we all know most men don't do well with laundry.  I said most, not all.  And when the children started to come?  God knew men wouldn't handle childbirth very well at all.  So after God man man---and woman, it was all very good.

*Disclaimer:  This was all in good fun.  It may or may not be true, but like I said, I am attempting humor.  And men, no offense intended, it's just for a laugh at life's blunders, after all Adam did let his wife eat the fruit he knew was wrong to eat.  God did know ahead of time.

Be blessed today, and men, don't hate me.


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