Friday, April 26, 2013

Part 7 of Fearless Trust in God

Based on Psalm 27

     Hernandez' men were looking for Julio, Ricardo and Ben.  None of them answered their cells.  By the time they found Julio and Ricardo cuffed to Sheila's bed, the three escapees were 30 minutes ahead of them.  Sheila was hungry and dehydrated, so they cautiously stopped for eat and drink at a gas station.  Ben and Sheila were grateful to be out of that hell.  They were especially grateful to Jesus for redeeming them.  Ben got gas and they drove north.  They were heading for the Canadian border and they did not know how long they would have to be in Canada.  They had to drive 400 miles.  Hernandez had his men looking for them.  They had GPS' in each of the vehicles and tried to track them down that way.  Ben didn't know how far they'd get before Hernandez' men would catch up.  They were out near the mountains again.  They had to go back into town and get rid of the vehicle and find another mode of transportation.  Did they lose the goons by coming out this far?  Was it safe to go back?  Drew thought of Kyle.  He could borrow his friend's truck for awhile.  He didn't want his friend involved in this mess, but they needed new wheels.  They didn't have much time before Hernandez' men found them with a GPS detector.  Drew called Kyle quickly.

     Drew got off the phone with Kyle and ten minutes later, Kyle drove up.  They abandoned Hernandez' vehicle and just drove wherever the wind blew them.  The men got to Hernandez' car that had been abandoned, about an hour later, and Hernandez was very angry.  They saw the second set of tire tracks, but once the road began, they didn't know which way the other vehicle went.  They didn't even have an idea of what make the vehicle was.  Kyle drove to the next state.  They got hotel rooms under assumed names.  Ben made sure they would all have fake IDs.  They checked in at the Holiday Inn Express as Ken Driscoll (Kyle), Benito Alvarado (Ben), David Cisco (Drew), Mario Suarez (Manuel), and Shelly Wilson (Sheila).  Sheila didn't want to be alone and felt uncomfortable sharing a room with Drew, so Pastor Manuel  stayed in her room.  Kyle, Drew and Ben shared a room.  They all ate at the restaurant nearby, they watched a movie, then they slept, waking up at 6a.m. the next morning to get to the next state.  It was a long drive for them.  Sheila was in tears, worried they'd be found out and killed.  She cried out, "Hear me Lord.  Please answer my prayers to get us out of here."  Drew quoted Psalm 27:7 to her.  "Here Oh Lord, when I cry with my voice, and be gracious to me and answer me".  They sang a song of praise as they drove down the road and Sheila wiped her tears.

     Sheila was still terrified, so Pastor Manuel comforted her with the Word of God.  He told her that God is with all of them and that nothing happens without God allowing it.  That gave little comfort to Sheila though.  She thought to herself, then why do bad things happen at all?  She was afraid to ask that question out loud.  She took the Bible and read through Psalms.  She thought about how David was in such turmoil, from what sins he had done, and the turmoil from his enemies.  She wondered where he got all that faith to praise God in spite of his trials.  Pastor Manuel looked at Sheila with a questioning look.  "You look like you have something to ask".  Sheila shook her head and kept reading.  "OK, when you're ready, we'll be here for you," the pastor told her.  "Thanks", she responded.  All but Sheila shared the driving.  Drew was at the wheel now.  They drove and watched closely for Hernandez' men.  Ben knew where they were, but now, Hernandez' men had no clue where they were...thankfully.  "We're about 10 minutes from a place to eat," Drew announced.  Thankfully, Kyle's truck had a big back seat.  Kyle was sitting shotgun next to Drew and Manuel, Ben and Sheila were in the back.  They had about 200 more miles to go to get to the Canadian border.  Too far for anyone's comfort.  Drew and the rest all kept to the speed limits, not to attract attention to the police or anyone.  Drew continued while Pastor Manuel chatted with Sheila and Ben.  Kyle was elated that his best friend and his new friends were all Christians.  He had also been praying for Sheila when praying for Drew.  He knew for sure that God was faithful.

     Kyle was thinking about what Drew quoted earlier and remembered that night at church when Drew came for the first time.  It looked as though Drew was really listening to the pastor that night, but he also knew that Drew was skeptical.  When Drew told Kyle that he memorized Psalm 27, Kyle was surprised.  He never knew he was that interested that he memorized 14 verses in Psalms.  They pulled up to this old diner, Mama's Family Diner.  A real home cooked meal they all thought.  They got out cautiously looking for their enemies.  They went in and got to sit anywhere they wanted.  This place was drabby, but at least it was clean.  Drew ordered Dr. Pepper.  Sheila ordered the same.  Pastor Manuel and Kyle ordered coke and Ben ordered water.  They waited 5 minutes for the drinks and another 10 minutes for the waitress to take the order.  There were 3 tables full.  It didn't look very busy but they still were slow in serving.  Ben was uncomfortable waiting so long and tried to hurry them up.  "Hi!  My name is Kelly.  I'll be your waitress.  What would you like to order?," the waitress announced.  Sheila ordered a cheese burger with sweet potato fries.  Ben ordered a BLT with cole slaw and fries.  Kyle ordered a roast beef sandwhich with chips.  Pastor Manuel ordered a chef's salad and split-pea soup, and Drew ordered the chef's special, Chili and Southern cornbread.  they ate, left the tip, gave their thanks to the waitress and took off for the next state.

     About 2 hours later they pulled up to a Best Western, under their assumed names.  Again, the pastor and Sheila shared a room.  Shelia had nightmares of her captivity and how they treated her.  She woke up screaming 3 times.  She was still weak from the bad treatment she endured.  She finally slept about 3 good hours and they all got up again at 6 a.m.  They were again on their way.  They had their continental breakfast and took off for the border.  Pastor Manuel prayed out loud before they left.  Sheila felt more at ease, even after those nightmares.  Each time she woke up, the pastor prayed with her.  Peace surrounded her this day.  "We're almost home free," sheila exclaimed.  They all said their "amens".  Ben had questions too about his new found faith.  As he drove, the pastor and him talked.  Sheila listened intently.  Ben asked the pastor how God could forgive a murderer.  How God could love someone who had done so many wrongs.  The pastor explained that any confessed sin is forgivable, that Jesus has wiped all sin away with His shed blood.  Ben was still feeling guilty and the pastor explained there was no reason to anymore, that his sins were covered.  Ben had killed 5 people in his life.  He was suppose to kill Drew, Sheila and the pastor the night they left.  He didn't share that bit of information with them...just yet.  He had to find the right time.  Ben thought about Psalm 27:7 also, and wanted God to answer all of his questions.  God would, in His time.

Next time, Part 8 will continue their journey to a new country.  Stay tuned for more of Fearless Trust in God...

Thanks for being patient and waiting for each portion of my story.
God bless you all!





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