Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seeking the Truth

     I having been seeking the truth earnestly for six years now and have been trying to blog about truth for the last year.  I've struggled with the truth the whole time, asking and seeking.  From time to time, I have said and thought some things that may have not been the truth and for that I apologize.  Taking a stand for the truth takes courage, patience and risks of ridicule.  It is also a journey of seeking what God has in store for you.  It is a daily struggle in a world that is so wrapped up in sin, that the lies that Satan tells us, seem to be the truth.  We live in a world that rejects Jesus at times, so those of us that believe in Jesus must stand up and be heard.  Christians are not perfect and have failed at times in doing what Jesus told his disciples to "Go out into the world and make disciples."

  We need to stand at all times for the Truth, even when it is unpopular and we get ridiculed for it.  Stand up to the Truth in love at all times.  I post this blog daily and would like your input with the truths of Jesus, and if i stray from the truth, challenge me in it.  I am seeking as much as the next person and the best way for us to seek is to make each other accountable, be in the Word, and pray.  Tell God your sorrows, concerns and desires when it comes to His Truth.  There seems to be many truths out there, but there, in reality, is one Truth: The Word of God.  There may be some who read this blog and disagree with me and say that the Bible is just fairy tales.  I respect their opinion and will pray for them to seek the Truth as it states in the Bible.  I will not cower to those who criticize the truth.  I will take a stand in seeking the Truth.

  There are many opinions out there, but there is only one constant; God and His Word (which is, in fact, one).  His promises are true and I have seen miracles in my life and the lives of others.  You don't have to agree with me and that is OK.  I want to seek the truth and share it with others, in love, at any risk.  We live in a world where Christianity is conforming to the world, and we must not conform to worldly matters, but stand for the Truth.  We have to work, go to school, shop at the grocery store and eat at restaurants.  We must live in this world but not be of it.  We must take responsibility and stand.  We must fight the good fight, to the finish.  If we don't, the truth will not be known to the next generations and we will stop going out and making disciples.  Are you seeking the Truth?  I am willing to seek the Truth.  As it was said in the popular TV show, The X-Files, "The Truth is Out There", the meaning may be different in the Truth that we need to seek, but, it is true that the Truth IS out there.  Seek it today!  God bless!


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