Monday, August 20, 2012

Listening to God

     So you are sitting in your favorite chair, in your favorite room, and it is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.  No one is around and your TV and phone is off.  What do you  hear?  Do you hear children playing outside?  Dogs barking?  Emergency vehicles sirens or car horns honking?  Do you hear birds chirping or rain dancing on the roof?  The wind blowing through your wind chimes, making sweet melodies in your ear?...Do you hear God?  Or are you even listening to Him?  You could be hearing all of the above noises in a quiet setting and not even be listening to God's quiet voice, and why?  Because you are too focused on what is going on around you, not what's going on inside you.  When it's quiet, listen for His voice and savor His message to you.  Don't let a moment pass where you hear God and really listen.  We all hear things, but do we listen?

     When you pray, what does God tell you?  When you are crying out to Him, what does He say?  Sometimes we get so focused on telling God what we want, like a spoiled child, that we don't listen to Him.  When struggles come, we may think we know what's best for us, but only God does, and He is speaking to us everyday.  Don't let that moment pass.  God is greater than anything or anyone in the universe, and we, as humans, are only a small portion of that universe.  He can and will take care of your life, in His time, in His way, for His purpose and your own good.  Just listen to His instructions for your life.  We talk and talk and plead for things when we pray, but do we really listen for God's voice?

     The next time you pray, just be quiet and listen.  Let the Lord lead the way in prayer and in every situation.  We may not understand what He is doing or saying, but just listen, obey and trust.  You may be facing a broken relationship, a financial crisis, an illness or a death, but just listen to His still small voice for the answers in your life.  "Be still and know that I am God."  He tells us.  They key to any relationship or conversation is a listening ear.  Remember, God gave us one mouth to speak, but two ears to listen.  I think there is a good reason for that.  Next time it is quiet in your favorite room of your home and in your favorite chair, just listen...for God...He is always there for you...

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