Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Got Any Change?

     How many of you like change?  If you don't like change, raise your hands.  I see a lot of hands go up.  Well...of course I can't really see hands, but in reality, if there was a group of people in front of me, there would be a lot of hands raised.  Change is not just bad.  It can be a good thing, but it's still change.  We get set in our ways on things in life and want things to stay that way.  We just don't like change.  You could be getting married, having a baby, moving, someone may have died or a couple divorce.  You may have won the lottery or lost a lot in the stock market.  A lot can change in an instant and we're sometimes not prepared, especially for the worst.  Life is full of change and we all have to deal with it.  One minute I was single, the next minute, married.  I had children and every moment of their lives was change.  I got divorced.  My kids left home.  I moved across country.  But how does one react to change?  Do they get anxious and nervous, or just lose it all together?  Do they just accept it and go on?  Even in the good change, do they struggle?  Yes, it does happen.  It's called stress.  When there is change, there is stress, and that can be a challenge.  If we don't accept that our lives will change at any moment, we will be fearful and worrisome.  We may fall completely apart, or if it's good change, we may go to far in expressing ourselves and do things that could harm ourselves, like winning the lottery and then losing it all by shopping or bad investments, because we always want more.

     What do you do when you know a change is coming?  First of all, pray.  Let God have your worries and fears of the unknown.  Count on Him in everything.  Secondly, plan.  Plan what to do next, and know that God also has a plan in this change.  Thirdly, praise.  Praise God for every change and every opportunity that change has in store for you in your life.

     What do you do when change comes abruptly?  Pray.  Always talk to God in whatever circumstances you come across, that is why I mentioned it twice.  Process.  Take time to process the change and look for hints of what God is doing.  Provide.  Whatever circumstance arises, provide whatever is necessary for you to adjust and for your family to adjust to the new change.  Remember in all things, trust Jesus for the outcome.

     I have change in my life going on right now and it is stressful, but it is a good change for the most part, so I'm at peace that this is what God wants for me.  Not only does God have a plan for you but in all things, God works everything out for us, when we love Him and do His will.  Life is too short to begin with, but it becomes even shorter if we worry and are in fear.  God gives us grace and mercy every day, so just kick back and watch Him do His thing to work out His will.  I know there is struggle in the tragedies that we face, but there is always a good plan ahead, if we just wait and see.

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